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(Written by Doug Amey & Billy Babjak)

Life paint it black
Love paint it blue
Why open your eyes dear
It's all about you
Bitch baby bitch
Cry baby cry
Why open your eyes dear
I'll tell you no lies
I'll tell you know lies

Glimmering over
Over and over, you shine like a star
All of your friends came to play
But you waved them awayfrom a-far

Flash camera smile
Slim runway mind
Just show 'em your hand dear
T he camera's unkind
Run Lola run
Fly baby fly
Careful what you ask for
T his is your life
This is your life

Glimmering over
Over and over you shine like a star
All of your friends came to play, but you waved them away
from a-far
Glimmering over
Over and over your name up in lights
Glimmering over the price that you pay
for the rest of your life

"Jolie" lips and "Hepburn" eyes and you "Want to be alone."
You can't remember half those guys that you kissed and sent on home
And all the papers crowd in screaming "Your the news today"
But the girl that I knew slipped away

Glimmering over...

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