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(Written by Doug Amey)

You keep telling me - What am I going to do?
Where am I going to go?
when I get motivated - over the next year or so - Well
I don't know, I don't know, but I've been thinking about it a lot
So far a headachs all I got
Right now the futures not to clear
If you going by the fridge can you get me a beer?
Please... I'm thinking here!

You keep telling me - When am I going to wake up?
Wake up and see the light - When I can hardly open my eyes
You know I was out till late last night
I need some time, I need some time - My head hurts too much to fight
Like a broken record every night

You say you ain't seen nothing yet
Have you seen the troller to the TV set - It's not in these cushions here
And where's that beer! Oh I'm sorry - I didn't see it there

You tell me I'm a dreamer
Well, that much is true - What are my ambitions?
Escape is what I'd like to do - I'm sorry - Sorry!
Feels like the worlds breathing down my neck
I'm just a little claustrophobic I guess
Give me liberty and keep the change
I got a slacker soul and a day-glow brain
It feels like heaven sometimes - Except for the bills
Ain't life a bitch!

I know I'm no hero
Heros never strike out
I'm no wind beneath your wings
Hell, I'm the one you mother warned you about
I can change - I can change!
But your looking like you've heard it all before
Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat - This time for sure!

I'll get a job
I'll do my best
Climbing the ladder of success
We'll move on up, and out of here
Where the blood is blue and the skys are clear
We'll be the first ones on the block
Hell, we'll own more than a peice of the rock
We'll build Empires with our wealth
We'll be divinity it self
and we will live - We will live in style!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, but first I'm going out for a little while
to see some friends of mine
Don't wait up....

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